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HTML web page programming. Skilled in JAVA, ASP, Visual Basic, RealBasic, PHP, database programming, Access, MYSQL.
  • Computer Graphics: creating, editing, optimizing, outputting, archiving on CD / DVD, backup tape, etc., photographs, 35mm, digital images, DVR (digital video recorder), images from television (copyright applies), Video Cassette, "Camcorders"
    old videos, home movies, etc. and converted to VIDEO CD, DVD, put them on the "internet" for stream viewing or download is an "all things computer" company with computer experience since the early 1980's, expertise in "all areas of computers". From assembly language programming on a TRS-80 in the 1980's, desktop publishing in the early 1990's, to today. Lately I've been writing applications to create websites using PHP and MYSQL, allowing someone to easily add and edit pages. The layout can be easily changed, but I'm content with the looks of them. This site is created using the latest version of this "software".

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Custom Computer Programs Software   Custom Computers Built   Custom Freelance WebSite Design   Database Programming: Software   Digital Photography: Connecticut   Graphic Web Site Design   Image Expert Professional Editing   Reproduction Windsor Chairs   Search Engine Marketing   Search Engine Ranking   Second Life: Virtual Life online   Web Site Design